Plane Debris Could Be from Doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370


A piece of a Boeing 777 plane found on the coast of Mozambique this past weekend could be from the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that mysteriously disappeared in 2014, news sources report.

The piece of debris — part of a plane’s horizontal stabilizer skin with the words “No Step” written on it — is currently en route to Malaysia for analysis, according to CNN. Experts think the plane crashed thousands of miles to the east of Mozambique into the Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014, but the location of the newfound debris is “consistent with drift modeling” of the ocean, said Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester, according to USA Today.

If the wreckage is found to be part of the missing plane, it will be only the second confirmed piece of MH370 discovered since the flight went missing, CNN reported. The first confirmed debris turned up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean in July, according to CNN. [Flight 370: Photos of the Search for Missing Malaysian Plane]


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