Really? Millennials Probably Not Too Lazy to Eat Cereal


Millennials may not be eating cereal, but it’s not because they’re lazy.

Internet outrage erupted last week after a New York Times food column on cereal reported that 40 percent of millennials said cereal is an inconvenient food because it requites cleanup after eating. A Washington Post column zoomed in on that tidbit to decry a “national trend toward laziness,” including the use of coffee pods and parents who don’t assign their children chores.

In reality, the Froot Loops may not be falling. Overall, only 6 percent of all consumers say they’re eating less cereal than the year before, according to the same Mintel marketing report that included the 40 percent statistic. And the report did not directly link millennials’ feelings about convenience with declines in cereal consumption. Cereal sales are falling, but for reasons associated with carb avoidance as well as convenience, analysts agree. And, according to the research firm Nielsen, other pre-made breakfasts, particularly the breakfast sandwich, are growing in popularity.


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