Prahlad Jani, The Man Who Lived Without Food And Water For Over 70 Years

Creepy Indian Mysteries That Still Remain Unsolved

Prahlad Jani, popularly known as Mataji is an Indian sadhu, who is a staunch devotee of goddess Amba.

This man claims that he can live without food or even water and has been doing so since 1940. If you total, this makes up to 70 plus years. Till date a total of 2 hardcore observations have been conducted on Jani. In an observation conducted in 2010, he was probed by 3 cameras 24×7 for 15 days.

And to the wildest surprise of the scientist, Jani sailed through those 15 days without have anything other than oxygen. Even after 15 days the man had no symptoms of starvation or dehydration. Matter of fact, after 15 days of eating nothing his health was better than that of a 40-year-old male, the scientists noted. How he survives still remains unexplained!


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