Money Demonization means “Converting Black Money to White” !?

King of Black Money now Mr. White (alias Mr. Shekar Reddy) =    127 Kgs of Gold + 70 Crores of Newly printed 2000 Rs. Currency + 70 kgs of Gold wires .. 

Black money holders increasingly becoming Milky White. 
People losing faith on Money Demonetization! 

Money Demonitization !! Is it only for a common man !?

Why not Indian Government lay strict rules against Banks instead on a common man. 

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Avoid day to day problems arising during this Money Demonetization, If Indian Govt. would restrict to use Cash transactions.! This is the right time to make use of Card Swipe machines.(Debit/Credit) for every Indian.

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Why not Govt would restrict to use Cash transactions.!and make Swipe machines a mandatory move to use for Debit/Credit transactions in all small & big transactions.

*All debit/credit transactions made through Swipe machines will become 100% white.


Common Problems facing by middle & below middle class people:

  1. Transportation:  Say Example:Auto stands : Group them under one unit, let the charge be fixed by Govt and they assign the available auto-rickshaw based on the demand. Just like how we hire taxi in Airports through a centralized service.
  2. Fruits/Vegetables/Groceries: Anyways Government fixing rates on these, why not these transaction be done by swiping debit/credit cards. A simple though can avoid all these discrepancies.
  3. Daily Wages: If they are directly deposited to their account, instead of cash. Then people can use them without depending on any currency in hand.






Sometimes a simple idea can change everyone’s life.

Jai Hind.



Pain Is More Than A Physical Process – Now A Study In Mice Suggests It May Even Be Socially Transferable


Pain is partly a neural process that signals tissue damage from a harmful stimulus. But we also know that it is highly subjective, and that a whole range of psychological and social factors can impact on how pain is perceived and experienced. Thoughts, feeling and expectations can influence pain, and even contribute to how people respond to pain killing drugs.

The external social world also impacts on such expectations, and in turn how pain is experienced. For some, the sound of a dentist’s drill – or even just the thought of it – is enough to heighten expectations of pain. Also, who we turn to when we are in pain and how they respond are important social influences on how we manage it.


Who Lives Longest: Meat Eaters Or Vegetarians?

Our ability to live a long life is influenced by a combination of our genes and our environment. In studies that involve identical twins, scientists have estimated that no more than 30% of this influence comes from our genes, meaning that the largest group of factors that control how long a person lives is their environment.

Of the many possible environmental factors, few have been as thoroughly studied or debated as our diet. Calorie restriction, for example, is one area that is being investigated. So far, studies seem to show that restricting calories can increase lifespan, at least in small creatures. But what works for mice doesn’t necessarily work for humans.


Acupuncture Reduces Hypertension By Stimulating The Release Of Natural Opioids.


Acupuncture has its fans and its critics, but a new study shows that when it comes to treating hypertension, this ancient Chinese therapy is in fact effective. Moreover, the research, which was published last week in the journal Scientific Reports, reveals that the treatment produces its effects by recruiting the body’s natural opioids.

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a dangerous condition that can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and a range of other potentially fatal complications if left untreated. Though acupuncture is often claimed to be highly effective at lowering blood pressure, until now there was very little scientific evidence as to how it might achieve this on a physiological level.


Kissing Your Dog Isn’t Just Gross, It Can Potentially Make You Very Sick
As every dog lover knows, you’re going to get the odd lick across the face from your furry friend. Of course, there are actually those who enjoy a slobbery show of affection from their dog. According to medical professionals and virologists, this might not be the best idea; we don’t want to be a party pooper, although there is probably some of that in their mouth too.

Ayahuasca: Psychedelic Tea from the Amazon

Ayahuasca is an herbal drink made from plants that grow in the Amazon jungle. For centuries, this tea has been used in healing ceremonies. The drink causes hallucinations and is said to have spiritual and therapeutic benefits. In recent years, it has attracted the attention of Western medicine as a possible treatment for depression.
The drug has also become popular with people seeking a “shaman experience.” According to the journal Nature, a booming industry has developed in South America, as thousands of people pay big money to attend retreats so they can sample ayahuasca’s “intense psychedelic insights.” However, the drink has also been linked to several deaths among “ayahuasca tourists.”
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